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There is a large amount of digitized cultural data available on the Internet today, but it remains untapped because:

- are fragmented into different repositories / databases, not searchable or accessible

- a large percentage of the material is of low quality and with incomplete description (unstructured / lack of metadata)

- actors follow different representation patterns

- there are no easy-to-use tools for managing, organizing and promoting digital material in an attractive and original way by institutions in the field of culture and tourism

- there are no applications / services that will attract the average user to interact with the rich digital cultural material and to use it creatively in a pleasant and inventive way (eg to make his own digital exhibition or narrative, for teaching purposes, etc. ).

The project aims to address the above issues by combining innovative research results in the areas of a) knowledge representation and reasoning, b) mass data and c) human-computer interaction. These research results, as well as existing tools used in the academic environment, will be utilized leading to the design and development (prototype) of an innovative software, which supports the retrieval, organization and creative reuse of digital cultural data, opening many opportunities for its economic use. in the fields of culture and tourism, two of the main driving forces of the Greek economy.